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Individual Sessions

What happens during a session?

It starts with an interview where the listening allows a bio-resonance and information transmission that will energetically guide the healing session.


During the session,  the patient is lying on a table and have his clothes on. Different vibratory techniques are used: tuning forks on the spine and acupuncture points for energetic boost and balance, tuning fork on chronic pain and blockages, sonic bath, gong bath, tibetan bowls, and therapeutic singing to reach a state of deep relaxation, etc.


Sound vibrations will increase the Alpha waves of the brain. These stimulate the natural abilities of homeostasis and resilience. Then a space opens in which the person can resonate with his own self-healing forces. The therapist helps to identify and accept the dissonance in order to overcome it, to harmonize it and to reach a resolution that  reflects the necessary clarity in one’s life choices.

Instrumental Techniques

  • Sound bath

  • Tuning forks on spine: Tama-Do technique 

  • Therapeutic singing

  • Alchemic vibration breathing

  • Overtone singing in the energy field

  • Harmonizing concert 


Music Therapy Applications 


Physical health It helps pain relief:  back pain, bone pain, ligament, muscle, dermatological problems. Helps to reduce the drug doses during medical and post-operative procédures. Contributes to improve the overall physical health.


Expression of emotions Sadness, mourning, social rehabilitation of drug addicts or alcoholics, nervous breakdown, self-confidence.


Mental health Improves mood, reduces anxiety, chronic fatigue, stress, addictions, relieves depression, irritability, low moods, memory and sleep disorders.


Learning and coordination Improves Rett's syndrome, dyslexia, facilitates learning of foreign languages, helps to alleviate certain symptoms of autism, child development, improved neonatal care, to symptoms related to dementia.


Serious and long-term diseases Improves the quality of life for people with schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, heart problems, Parkinson's disease, and slows the growth of diseased and cancerous cells.

Sound Healing does not replace your physician's diagnosis and medical treatment.