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What is sound therapy?

"Sound waves can organize, break up, arrange molecules, orchestrate the crystalline structure of matter, levitate objects or amalgamate liquids."

Excerpt from the prestigious journal "Science". February 1988.



Sound is not just an energy that enters our ears and our brain, allowing us to listen, sounds are vibrations that penetrate our structures and reorganize all the cells in our body.

From this understanding, sound therapies’s techniques emerge.

François-Marie Dru 


Sound Healing Sessions


Sound Meditations, Harmonizing Concerts... 


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Jeff Sénard

Music conductor

I had a very painful sciatica as a result of a bad movement that even prevented me from fulfilling my function as a music conductor. After two sessions with your tuning forks I was cured from this pain. The rheumatologist who was following me and had considered a surgical procedure remained astonished at the announcement of the care you gave me. THANK YOU a thousand times!



31 rue des vinaigriers 75010 Paris

sonicmedecine@gmail.com - + 33 6 61 02 54 06